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Pakistan displaced begin to return home

2009-08-28 14:45 BJT

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In northwestern Pakistan, 90 percent of those displaced by recent military operations against Taliban militants have been able to return home. Over two million people fled their homes when the Pakistan Army began military operations to clear the Swat Valley of Taliban militants in May.

The number of those who have yet to return is now down to 700,000. During the past week, an average of 500 families returned home each day. Earlier, the return rate was even higher, at 1,400 families per day.

Of the 4,700 temporary shelters that were needed to house the refugees,only 454 are still being used. The buildings that have been vacated will now be used as schools.

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In northwestern Pakistan, 90 percent of those displaced by recent military operations against Taliban militants have been able to return home.
In northwestern Pakistan, 90 percent of those displaced by recent
military operations against Taliban militants have been able to
return home.(File photo)

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