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Australia faces extreme drought

2009-08-28 14:45 BJT

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In Australia, a water crisis is emerging in the central west of New South Wales. Water supplies are so low in the Lachlan valley that communities are in danger of losing their river completely.

Winter rains have again missed the catchments of the Wyangala Dam near Cowra.

It's down to less than seven percent -- far below the needs of the communities along the Lachlan River.

Ted Morgan, Farmer, said, "The original dam was built in 1932, which is a smaller one, and the river has never run dry since. So, we're in the most exceptional and extreme of circumstances in this particular drought."

Farmers are not quite sure what they're going to do when summer comes.

Iran Aubrey, Farmer, said, "Mother nature has beaten us again.."

The Wyangala Dam has provided security for generations of farming families along the Lachlan. The river has never stopped flowing.