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China contributes to APEC development

2009-11-13 10:53 BJT

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In contrast with the many difficulties which often plague multilateral trade talks, APEC has enjoyed much success in facilitating regional trade.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation was established in 1989. It was originally designed as a vehicle for promoting free trade and practical economic cooperation in the region.

APEC represents one of the world's most dynamic regions... with its members accounting for 41 percent of the world's population, 56 percent of world GDP and nearly half of the world's trade.

Since 2002, acknowledging the clear link between security and prosperity, APEC leaders have put an agenda on security issues in place.

Now, topics for APEC discussion have expanded to cover not only economic issues such as trade and investment, but also political ones such as security and environmental protection.

Analysts say as APEC's scope expands, so will its structure.