Company admit fault in chemical blast 11-14-2005 14:22

A chemical blockage and inefficient reaction to the problem is being blamed for a string of blasts at a chemical plant in Jilin city on Sunday afternoon that injured more than 70 workers. Six others are listed as missing. The company told a press conference they acknowledge technicians did not react properly to a chemical blockage in the workshop of the benzene plant, and that led directly to the explosion and fire. Company general manager, Zou Haifeng, said all the pipelines and wires connected to the tower have been cut off and further problems have been ruled out. More than 10,000 residents near the plant were evacuated for safety reasons. The blasts took place at a workshop in the No. 101 Chemical Plant of the Jilin Petrochemical Company yesterday afternoon in Jilin City, some 100 km east of Changchun, capital of Jilin Province. Twenty of the injured remain in hospital.

Editor:Wang Ping

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