03-30-2006 10:59

Tencent, China's leading Internet value-added service provider, has teamed up with Coca Cola to help the beverage giant promote its products in China. The two firms announced the strategic partnership on Wednesday in Shanghai.

An instant messaging service provider and a beverage maker. Two leaders from two totally different industries walked together, and are joining hands to promote their brands with each other's strength.

Under the new strategic partnership, Coca Cola will promote its products through the hi-tech and digital marketing platform provided by Tencent. Coca Cola's spokespeople will be represented through the unique three-dimension images to attract China's younger generation. Coca Cola says the revolutionary new commercial will be the firm's thematic advertising campaign this year. And Coca Cola is not the only winner.

Martin Lau, President of Tencent, said, "Coca Cola is the No.1 brand in the world. So by cooperating with Coca Cola, we firmly establish our position as the leading brand in the Internet market in China. And I would say, this is also a trend of the future, because there will be more and more interaction between online and offline companies. And we hope to lead this trend along with Coca Cola in the future."

Coca Cola is also taking the opportunity to introduce a new spokespeople as the first member of its 3D virtual community - Li Yuchun, winner of last year's "Super Girl", the Chinese version of "American Idol". The 22-year-old has become a pop icon for her boyish charm and unconventional personality. Coca Cola hopes she could help the company tap further into the hearts of China's youth - the majority consumers of its beverage.


Editor:Chen Zhuo