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Container ports boom in China

2009-08-26 18:23 BJT

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Because of the fast growth of export and fixed asset investment in China, the world's largest developing economy is going through a period when a huge amount of container terminals are being built along the country's coastline. That is good news, the discouraging aspect is when local governments all target the same inland areas as potential building zones.

Around the marine outfall of the Yangtze River lays several one-million-ton container terminals. But they all wanted Wuxi, a nearby inland city, to export its goods when they were built. However, according to the city's measurement,by 2010 its volume of export can achieve one-million TEUs or twenty equivalency units.

Liu Tao, deputy director of Ligang Harbor Bureau, Jiangyin City, said, "We wanted Wuxi as our hub when we first planned our port. But, due to competition, we expanded to other cities, like Jinjiang, Yinxing and Changzhou."

As the container terminals expand their handling capacities, the ocean-going fleets benefit from the competition.

ZHang Hongyan, director of COSCO Container Lines Co., LTD,said, "We had to beg container terminals to allow our ships to pull in when there were fewer ports. But now, they are pleading us, for the business. It is because they are not busy and the situation has been like this for several years."

Data shows that, within the past five years, the number of the one-million-TEU container terminals has grown from 100 to more than 250 in the areas of Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze Delta and the Bo Hai Sea Ring Delta.