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BizChina Special on G20 Summit

2009-09-25 08:46 BJT

Special Report: Hu attends UN, G20 Summits |

Over the coming 30 minutes, our focus will be in Pittsburgh, where the leaders of the world's largest economies are set to begin two days of meetings. The G20 countries will seek a common approach to advance a fledgling recovery and to prevent new financial meltdowns.

BizChina Special on G20 Summit 
BizChina Special on G20 Summit 

Today in our studio, Professor Huo Deming from Peking University will give us his view and analysis of some of the key topics at the G20 Summit.

Professor Huo Deming from Peking University 
Professor Huo Deming from Peking University 

Studio discussion I >>

Q1: Professor, can you give your assessment of the past two G20 summits? Can we say they were fruitful meetings?

Q2: And, what consensus do you think will be reached during the upcoming summit?


Review: Agreements reached at past two G20 summits