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The economic miracle: China's agriculture achievement

2009-09-25 18:25 BJT

Special Report: 60th Anniversary of PRC |

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60 years ago, China was one of the poorest countries in the world, with 60 percent of the population living in poverty.

Looking at the country today, its achievements have to be considered no less than an economic miracle. Let's take a look at how agriculture has played a central role in that miracle.

1. In 1951, China started land reforms, eliminating the landlord-gentry class. Farmers became masters of their own land.

2. Since 1979, the household contract responsibility system was implemented nationwide, greatly boosting farm productivity.

3. In 2006, China abolished the centuries-old agricultural land tax for the country's 800 million farmers.

4. In 2009, China allowed farmers to lease, sub-contract, exchange, and swap their land-use rights.

5. China feeds 21% of the world's population using 9% of the world's arable land.

6. Grain yield in 2008 reached 525 million tons, nearly 5 times the level of 1949.

7. Farmers' annual net income, just 60 yuan in 1949, reached 4,760 yuan in 2008.

8. In 2005, China stopped receiving grain assistance from other countries and became the world's third-largest grain donor.

9. The amount of people living below the poverty line has been reduced from 60% of the population 60 years ago to just 1.1% today.


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