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China's organic farming

2009-09-27 09:00 BJT

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what are the latest innovation in China's agriculture?

Early in the morning, farmer Jin Fuhe is blending some organic fertilizers. He's really careful about the proportion. He then sprays them at his crops in the plastic greenhouse.

Jin Fuhe, Farmer of Qianbutaqi Village, Hohhot, Inner Mogolia said "I spend four to five thousand yuan on fertilizers every year....."

Jin says his was skeptical about organic farming but two years ago he found out crops treated with organic fertilizers could grow faster with stronger roots and produce bigger fruits which taste better.

Jin Fuhe said "Farming has to use science. Science is indispensable."

Jin Fuhe is not the only one in his village practicing organic farming. Qin Guide is the village head. He says because his village is near a big city Hohhot, farmers have been trying to grow high quality crops to feed urban demand.

The most recent innovation in China's agriculture is a massive push into organic farming. This serves multiple purposes, including food safety, health benefits, export opportunities, and more importantly providing price premiums for so many hardworking farmers.

But how to ensure organic fertilizers are good for the crops and not harmful at all? Agrotechnician Hao Shanghua has been testing Shengmingsu, a fertilizer that farmer Jin Fuhe uses, on different crops for a few years.

Shengmingsu is one of the best selling organic fertilizers in Inner Mogolia and a few other provinces. It's developer Yongye Group thinks organic farming just took off in China, and has a huge opportunity to grow.

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