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The economic miracle -- Great achievements in China's rural areas over 60 years

2009-09-28 08:39 BJT

Welcome to our special BizChina program celebrating the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. Today we focus on China's rural areas.

Special BizChina program celebrating the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China
Special BizChina program celebrating the 60th anniversary of the People's
Republic of China

Joining us in the studio is Professor Zhang Linxiu, the deputy director of the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Zhang Linxiu, the deputy director of the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy under the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Professor Zhang Linxiu, the deputy director of the Center for Chinese 
Agricultural Policy under the Chinese Academy of Sciences

We'll be looking at changes in agricultural production, rural residents' livelihood, and other developments over the past 60 years.

Topic: Change in rural life; Improved grain production, food supply

Q: The story of his family is a snapshot of China's rural areas.  In the video, we can see the lives of farmers have dramatically improved since the poverty at the nation's founding.  Living standards are much higher. Could you describe briefly describe their daily life before reform and opening up?

Q: As an expert on rural issues, you must have done a lot of field research.   What's your feeling about the situation now?   How do living conditions compare with half a century ago?


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