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BizChina Special on Sino-US relations

2009-11-18 09:02 BJT

Special Report: US President Barack Obama Visits China |

BizChina Special on Sino-US relations 
BizChina Special on Sino-US relations 

During the next 30 minutes, our focus will be Sino-US relations with US President Barack Obama paying a four-day visit to China. This is his first official visit to China since taking office this January. To further discuss Sino-US relations, we invited Professor Tony Huo Deming from Peking University to the show.

Professor Tony Huo Deming from Peking University
Professor Tony Huo Deming from Peking University

Studio discussion I: The meeting of President Hu and Obama

Q1: Professor, what are your thoughts on this morning's meeting between the two presidents?

Q2: From this morning's meeting, what are some new highlights of Sino-US cooperation?

Q3: Can you give a brief summary of Sino-US economic and trade relations under the Obama administration?


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