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China, US to cooperate on clean energy

2009-11-18 09:03 BJT

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Chinese vice premier Li Keqiang has attended the signing ceremony of a Sino-U.S. clean energy agreement in Beijing.

Chinese vice premier Li Keqiang has attended the signing ceremony of a Sino-U.S. clean energy agreement in Beijing. 
Chinese vice premier Li Keqiang has attended the signing ceremony of a 
Sino-U.S. clean energy agreement in Beijing.

Li Keqiang points out China and the U.S. are in different situations and stages of development. He says, the two nations are both big energy producers and consumers and China and the U.S. face the same challenges in combating climate change and safeguarding energy resources and environmental safety.

Li says the development of clean energy, and the adjustment of economic structure need international cooperation. He stresses dialogue between China and the U.S. should be strengthened and more effective systems on capital and technology cooperation should be set up to promote the development of the clean energy industry.

Gary Locke, the US Commerce Secretary said the Sino-US cooperation on clean energy will not only solve the problem of energy demand in the two countries, but also address the problem of the global energy demand.