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Guangzhou Auto Show kicks off

2009-11-23 11:07 BJT

The 2009 Guangzhou Auto Show opened on Monday. As China's third-largest auto exhibition, the show is seen as a barometer of the country's auto market. CCTV reporter looks at how China's accelerating economic growth is driving interest among car makers from around the world.

The 2009 Guangzhou Auto Show opened on Monday.
The 2009 Guangzhou Auto Show opened on Monday.

International car makers including Volkswagen, Toyota and General Motors are showcasing their latest models together with their Chinese joint ventures. Toyota has brought 45 concept and production models to the show. The Japanese car maker is this year's biggest exhibitor, with a display occupying nearly 4-thousand square meters.

Europe's largest car maker, Volkswagen, has unveiled 27 new models. The company aims to boost its market share in south China.

Renault is attending the Guangzhou Auto Show for the first time. The French car maker is showcasing six models. Meanwhile, Mercedes Benz will also launch new models at the show.

Wang Xia, China Council for Int'l Trade Promotion said "The situation is quite different from last year. Last year, exhibitors at the show were all reeling from the global financial crisis. However, this year, China's rapidly growing auto market has boosted confidence. China will overtake the United States as the world's largest auto market this year."

The week-long Guangzhou Auto Show is expected to attract more than 500-thousand visitors.