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Wedding Expo promotes budget products

2009-12-14 19:39 BJT

The Winter Wedding Expo kicked off over the weekend.But luxury is out this season. Companies are taking the cue from the financial crisis, offering packages and services that help the budget-minded cut their nuptial costs. Guan Xin finds out what's available for those planning to get married without breaking the bank.

80 thousand products are from over a hundred brands by companies both domestic and overseas. But the question is how to stand out from your rivals at this wedding fair. For many companies, the answer lies in price, with some launching special promotions, including budget wedding banquets costing just 2,999 yuan.

Hai Lan, Super Love wedding plan, said, "Because of the economic crisis, people are trying to cut back on spending. Our package is very good value for money and is proving a hit among young couples, who want something simple."

Wedding planners say young couples born after the 1980s prefer weddings that are simple and trouble-free. Companies are picking up on this, offering bargains, cheaper wedding gowns, and even home appliances to attract clients. Some bridal gown shops are even renting out their wares, so that you don't need tens of thousand yuan to wear a designer item.

An owner of a wedding dress store, said, "They are very realistic. We can provide them with the most fashionable wedding dress at a reasonable price. They cost no more than 38 hundred yuan, which most can pay off with what they earn in a single month."

Professional photographers are also setting rock-bottom prices, with a magazine theme costing just 68 yuan.

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