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Hearing on water price hike in Beijing

2009-12-16 12:16 BJT

Beijing authorities are set to hold a hearing Wednesday on an increase in the price of water. According to the city's economic planner, water for residential-use will go up 0.90 yuan for every cubic meter.

Breaking that down, the water resource fee will rise 0.48 yuan for every cubic meter while the cost of treating sewage will go up 0.42 yuan for every cubic meter. Two options are in play, the first ensures adjustment is complete within a year while the second stretches this out over three years.

Shi Lei, School of Environment of Renmin University, said, "We all know that the shortage of water is getting more and more serious in China due to economic development and improving standards of living. And climate change is actually shrinking water resources in China. So, the expanding gap between demand and supply has helped to push up prices."

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