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Chinese government introduced energy cooperation with enterprises

2009-12-18 09:03 BJT

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The Chinese government and many enterprises continue in their efforts to reduce emissions. To achieve sustainable development in an environmentally compatible way, China is exploiting a new method of emission reduction by introducing "energy cooperation".

Sichuan Dazhou Iron and Steel Group produces more than 2 million tons of steel annually. The company is coping with energy and emissions reductions issues. Two years ago, the company introduced a new energy-saving management plan. The company began cooperating with a special energy saving organization. The firm saw positive results in both emission reductions and economic benefits.

Last year, the company reduced its usage of coal by 10-thousand tons and reduced carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions by about 600 tons. The investment project cost 37 million yuan. Dazhou steel invested 14 million yuan, the remainder came from CECIC Renewable Energy Investment Corporation. CECIC will get a return on their investment and earn profits in three years.

Jiang Shanming, Chairman of Dazhou Iron and Steel Group, said, "Within three years, CECIC will profit. Then, three years later, the project will be shifted to Dazhou Iron and Steel group for managing. The company will generate 30 million kilowatts of power a year. Annual profits are estimated to exceed 12 million yuan. Noise and pollution will be greatly reduced."

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