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Hengqin encourages Macao-mainland cooperation

2009-12-21 09:06 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |

The Hengqin New Area has become a link for new cooperation between the mainland and Macao. As CCTV reporter tells us, the University of Macau will be one of the deal's biggest benefactors with a plan to build a new campus in Hengqin.

The new campus under construction on Hengqin Island is just across a narrow channel from Macao. It has forged a new model for cooperation between Macao and the mainland. The central government will lease the land to the Macao Special Administrative Region for 40 years.

Zhao Wei, Rector of University of Macao said "It is a rare chance for us. It creates a good platform for better communication with mainland universities and enterprises. We are confident we will soon help transform Macau University into a top one in Asia and the world."

The University of Macau is the only public comprehensive university in the SAR. But its small location has hampered its development. The new campus in Hengqin will be 20 times larger than the current one in Macao.

The central government set a target last year of building new platforms in areas to boost cooperation between Macao and the mainland. Hengqin was chosen to take the lead in these efforts.

Niu Jing, Deputy Director of Hengqin Administration Committee said "People in Macao pay close attention to the development of Hengqin. They hope its progress will bring Macao new business opportunities, helping it to become an economic driving force."

The island boasts open policies, a laid back administrative environment, and potential for innovation, As a result, it will emphasize four major industries - service, tourism, education and high tech. The total investment of the first five major projects set to start by the end of this year have already exceeded 70 billion yuan. These include the new University of Macau campus, a central business district and an international beach resort.

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