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Wuhan-Guangzhou rail link triggers air, road adjustments

2009-12-21 14:00 BJT

Ticket sales have begun for a new high speed rail link between Wuhan and Guangzhou. And with these going at very competitive prices, other transport sectors in the provinces of Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong are having to improve what's on offer to fight for their share of passengers.

The new railway has started ticket sales. It will cut travel time from Wuhan to Guangzhou to 3 hours, and from Changsha to Guangzhou to 2 hours. More frequent services plus cheaper ticket prices have lured many passengers who might otherwise have made their journey by plane.

Airlines serving the same routes are fighting back. China Southern has launched an "air express route" between Wuhan and Guangzhou.

It has also increased discounts to as much as 80 percent, bringing prices down to below that for a second class railway ticket. And passengers are allowed to change times and dates, even with discounted tickets.

Mu Xinhong, Party Secretary of China Southern, Hunan Branch said "In fact, this new service provides us with even more passengers. The flights actually serve to complement rail transport."

Meanwhile, bus services are also working on measures to grab a slice of the market. Hunan authorities say they have focused on shorter distance routes and routes to places with no train services. Changsha is also building a new long-distance bus station to meet the needs of more passengers brought in by the new rail link.

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