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Wuhan enterprises cut back on electricity

2010-01-06 11:14 BJT

Industries in the central city Wuhan are cutting down on their power consumption. Local authorities are giving priority to ordinary people who need to stay warm amidst a very chilly winter.

Wuhan Hanqiao Shipyard stopped production on Tuesday and will continue with its suspension on Wednesday. This should save as much as 7,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.

Wu Xianhan, Director of Wuhan Hanqiao Shipyard Factory said "This does have some impact on us because we may not be able to deliver goods on time. But we can fully understand the government's decision, we should do this to secure residents have enough electricity. We've re-arranged our production. For example, we are focusing on procedures that do not require power to minimize losses."

With industries stepping up to the plate and working with local authorities, residents say they are not suffering any fallout from the recent cold snap.

Han Meiying, one Wuhan resident said "Supplies of natural gas are unchanged. By making sure we have enough, it's clear the local government cares about the common people."

Zhang Wenliang, Wuhan Resident said "Our lives are unaffected. I know that many enterprises cut back on power-use so that we can have enough. I want to thank the local government, as well as these enterprises."

Many residents say they are grateful to both industries and commercial operations for cutting back on electricity consumption.

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