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China Pavilion show unveiled

2010-01-10 14:13 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Shanghai Expo Countdown |


The 2010 World Expo opens in Shanghai in May, and the indoor exhibition plans of the China Pavilion has just been unveiled. The pavilion will open to visitors in April.

A visit to the three-story China Pavilion starts on the third level which houses an omnimax theater. Here, visitors can watch an 8-minute movie documenting China's development process since its opening-up over three decades ago.

Walking out of the omnimax, you can feast your eyes on a huge multi-media projection of a Song dynasty classical Chinese painting. Characters on the painting are also able to move. Then, a vast area in green follows.

Qian Zhiguang, Head of China Pavilion, Shanghai Expo, said, "The vast green area reflects the relations between man and nature, and the prospects of urban-rural development."

From the 3rd floor, a rail car will take you to the 2nd floor where you will experience the wisdom in urban architecture and development. The first floor showcases China's efforts in dealing with climate change. It is meant to give you a "low-carbon" experience. The tour of all three levels lasts 40 minutes.

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