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Google delays meeting with Chinese writers

2010-01-12 17:58 BJT

Internet search engine giant Google has postponed its fourth round of talks with the China Written Works Copyright Society. It gave no reason for the delay of a meeting that was originally scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. Although negotiations has been postponed, the items they will discuss may not change.

Zhang Hongbo, a negotiation representative from the China Written Works Copyright Society says three topics will be involved during this round of talks. The most important one is the complete list of works Google scanned.

Zhang Hongbo said, "Google will provide a completed list which is expected to contain much more books than the initial one."

Zhang Hongbo said Google will respond to the condemnation of Chinese writers during the negotiation.

Google's chief negotiator Eric Hartmann says he hopes the fourth round will result in cooperation with Chinese writers.

Eric Hartmann, chief Rep., Google digital Library Cooperation Dept., said, "First, we hope to publish the scanning list. Second, we hope that the China Written Works Copyright Society could agree to cooperate with us. We need to set a cooperation framework."

Zhang Hongbo says a timetable to settle the issue is likely to come out of this round of negotiations, and both sides will arrange their work according to the timetable.

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