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Low carbon living on the way

2010-01-19 12:17 BJT

An increasing number of people are becoming aware of climate change and environmental issues. These people are helping the Earth's fragile environment. Zhu Fengying is one person making a difference by living a low-carbon life.

After washing her hands, Zhu Fengying saves the used water. Cleaning with a mop and flushing the toilet, Zhu always makes full use of every drop of water. Her home is extremely energy-efficient. She has a bigger apartment, but chooses to live in this small one. She says smaller rooms consume less energy. A past experience taught her to live this energy-saving life.

Low-carbon promoter Zhu Fengying said, "Saving energy is every citizen's responsibility. I went to the Miyun Reservoir more than ten years ago. But when I went back a few years ago, I found the water level was much lower and was not as clear as before. We are running out of clean water. Actually the whole world is short of water. It is not acceptable to waste it. We must save it."

Shutting off lights before leaving has been a habit for many years. Zhu has a car, but chooses to bike to work. The reason is simple, she doesn't want to add an extra burden to the atmosphere.

Zhu Fengying said, "I can exercise by riding bicycles everyday. More importantly, one less car will cause less emissions and won't worsen traffic. In this way, I can kill three birds with one stone. I want more people to follow my actions."

More than 4 million vehicles are registered in Beijing, causing problems like air pollution, road congestion and traffic accidents. This is making more people choose public transportation, which saves time, money and energy.

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