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Shenyang manufacturing upgraded to promote a low carbon economy

2010-03-02 18:52 BJT

The equipment manufacturing industry in the Tie Xi Assembly Zone in northeast China's Shenyang City, is experiencing a major upgrade to promote a low carbon economy.

In the photovoltaic industry in China, 80 percent of producers use silicon which is costly and consumes a large amount of energy. But, Hanfeng Solar Photovoltaic Panels Corporation has chosen another path to tackle the problem, developing thin film solar cells.

Lai Yongjian, V. President of Hanfeng Photovoltaic Panels, said, "We chose this path mainly because of the lower cost. If we can reduce the cost of generating electricity from solar power to one yuan per kilowatt, we can put it into the market and people can use it."

Meanwhile, another Shenyang wind power company has succeeded in offering products that match local needs.

Shenyang Blower Works Group is spending 800 million yuan building the first domestic nuclear pump platform.

The Tie Xi Assembly Zone aims to find a win - win solution between economic development and environmental protection.

Zhang Hongjian, Director of Shenyang Env. Protection Bureau, said, "The development of the low carbon economy will help adjust the industrial structure and improve energy use efficiency."

With the development of the low carbon economy in the Tie Xi Assembly Zone, the new energy manufacturing sector is expected to earn revenue of more than 500 billion yuan by 2020.

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