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Shanghai World Expo post office opens

2010-03-19 11:08 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |

Shanghai has opened a post office next to the World Expo Park. Thousands flocked to the post office for its opening day of business to buy a variety of stamps and souvenirs.

The newly opened Expo post office is located on Pudong South Road next to the China Pavilion. The postal code is set as 2010-5-1: the date the expo opens.

Shanghai has opened a post office next to the World Expo Park. Thousands flocked to the post office for its opening day of business to buy a variety of stamps and souvenirs.
Shanghai has opened a post office next to the World Expo Park. Thousands flocked 
to the post office for its opening day of business to buy a variety of stamps and 

Shen Ying, Deputy Director, Pudong New Area Post Office, said, "Construction of this post office adopts regular standards, while embracing the Expo's Environmental Protection standards. The wall outside the office has been constructed of environmentally-friendly materials. They are sound-insulating and carry the theme of the expo: better city, better life."

More than 3-thousand people visited the post office on its first day. By 10 AM, a long queue had already formed. Mr. Wang is a stamp enthusiast who had more than 300 envelopes and cards postmarked.

Visitor Mr. Wang said, "I had to queue for two and a half hours but I managed to get more than a thousand postmarks on these envelopes and postcards. That's roughly three on each."

Shen said, "We prepared 110 categories of postcards, envelopes and stamps. The most popular items were envelopes. They sold out by noon."

The post office's opening day took in 50-thousand yuan in sales. Several service stands will soon be opened inside the Expo park. For a personal memento of the Expo, visitors can take photos at the event and convert their pictures into postcards.

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