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China's yacht business opens up

2010-04-05 12:29 BJT


A luxury yacht expo is opening in Hainan's Sanya. BizCHina's Zhou Xiaoye explains the problems facing China's yacht industry and the building of this international tourist island.

This yacht is made by Ferretti, the world's largest luxury yacht producer. It's more than 20 meters long, has three cabins, and can carry 16 people.

Yachting is a comparatively new industry with high added value, long supply chain, and huge investment potential.

Yacht Consultants Asia Limited has set up its fourth branch in Sanya, after Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Many participating businesses are confident about yachting in China. Although some Chinese people have bought yachts in China, few of them have really sailed because related regulations have not yet been issued.

They hope the government can publish detailed regulations and industry standards as soon as possible.

Lin Mingkun, Head of Visun International Yacht Club, said, "Related standards are being prepared. But what if we finish construction before the regulations are drawn up? We urgently hope government can soon map out proper policies and standards."