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Shengzhen housing price rises, despite controls

2010-04-05 12:29 BJT


Also in Shenzhen, anti-speculation measures have been in effect in the real estate market for months. However, transaction volume and housing prices in the city are still on the rise in April.

The fear of a further price hike is stimulating more buyers to enter the market.

This housing project in Shenzhen has just raised prices again, to above 20 thousand yuan per square meter.

Salesmen say the adjustment only applies to homes that they have just released for sale.

However, the rises violate local regulations, which state that developers should put all their properties on the market together, once they get the pre-sale certificates.

Buyer, said, "Last year, the price was thousands of yuan cheaper than now. We are wondering whether the prices will rise again after a few months."

Buyers hope the government will introduce more effective measures to curb such price hiking.

Buyer, said, "It seems like the more measures are issued, the higher the prices jump."