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Beijing private cars top 3.291 mln

2010-04-12 09:02 BJT

A report shows the number of vehicles registered in Beijing reached over 4.1 million by the end of February this year. The city now has 3.3 million private cars. Last year, the city's vehicle volume surged 700,000 units. The increase is almost equivalent to the total number of cars registered in Hong Kong.

Figures also show, that each private car in Beijing is averaging 15,000 kilometers a year. The mileage is 1.5 times higher compared with similar privately owned vehicles in London, and twice that of Toyko. Figures also show, that 60 percent of the cars in Beijing run within the 6th Ring Road. But nearly 40 percent of Beijing's passenger cars make journeys below 5 kilometers per trip. The report suggests those car owners switch to bicycles to get round the city.

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