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Shanghai ensures Expo food safety

2010-04-14 18:23 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


Shanghai is taking no chances on food safety for the 2010 World Expo. According to a press briefing, special food safety check-ups will be held, during the event, within and outside the expo park to make sure everything people eat meets the highest standards.

Shanghai is stepping up its efforts on food safety control, as it looks forward to this year's World Expo. The city has established a supervision system covering the entire food supply and service chain.

All food sales companies inside the expo park will undergo strict security.

Xie Mingqiang, Vice Director, Shanghai Food & Drug Administration, said, "Based on the data we gathered from our check-ups over the past 2 years, more than 99 percent of edible oil products in Shanghai were qualified to pass examinations. So only less than 1 percent of the edible oil products are not eligible for people to eat. So the rate for qualified products is quite high."

It's estimated that daily tourist traffic within the expo park could reach 400 to 700,000, once the 2010 event gets started. And most of them are expected to take their lunch or dinner in the park.

Event organizers say, dining options for visitors include food products in retail and catering services. There will be over 250 restaurants and catering providers working in the park. And tourists will be able to reach them with just a few minutes walk. Over 150 food stores are also located in the park.

Xie Mingqiang, Vice Director, Shanghai Food & Drug Administration, said,"Based on international practices, we have taken some special measures for the World Expo. For instance, we are requiring Expo food providers to mark food allergens in their supplies and menus."

Event organizers say, a special food safety and catering service check up system will be put into place, while overall demand and supply will also be ensured to meet consumer requirement. Inspections and quarantine departments will also strengthen check ups of raw materials to make sure everything can be traced back to the original sources.

During the expo, Shanghai will also strengthen market supervision to prevent risks of mass food poisoning and related disease outbreaks. More food risk control, examinations and evaluations will be launched in the city. And all the results will be released to public.


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