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Business reps meet ahead of BRIC summit

2010-04-15 14:47 BJT

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Business representatives from the five countries that form the two largest commercial blocks among developing countries have met in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil, Russia, India and China form the BRIC group, while South Africa is part of the IBSA group with India and Brazil. Wednesday's BRIC-IBSA gathering was the first of several multilateral meetings scheduled throughout Brazil this week. The representatives say they hope the leaders will address climate change and food security, among other issues.

Rajan Bharti Mittal, President, Fed. of Indian C of C & Industry, said, "Food security, energy security are the issues that we need to deal with, the world is grappling with them, we have to recognize that. Also, I do expect that in that meeting in particular we also need to talk about the Doha Round, what are the view points. We also need to have engagement of the political policy makers on climate change."

Norton Rapesta, Comm. Promotion Director, Brazilian Foreign Ministry, said, "We are looking for growth opportunities, for new synergies in order to increase our commerce. With India, we need to increase and diversify our exports, they are still too concentrated in energy and oil sector. With China (our commerce) is too concentrated in food and edible products, but we are looking to expand this to other types of products. In Russia's case, we are negotiating meat exports"

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