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Fair spokesman: Exports cautiously optimistic

2010-04-21 08:50 BJT

The first session of the 107th China's Import and Export Fair has ended. The spokesman for the event says he is cautiously optimistic about the country's exports.

More than 100-thousand overseas purchasers attended the fair, up 13 percent from last year. China's export volume hit more than 17 billion US dollars, rising nearly 10 percent from the autumn session last year.

Chen Chaoren, spokesman of China's Import and Export Fair said, "The number of European and American buyers has shrunk compared with last year. It indicates that the economic situation in those areas has not totally recovered from the financial crisis."

The fair's spokesman Chen Chaoren says although export volume has risen compared with last year, it is still less than that pre-crisis levels.

"The export turnover fell 8 percent from that in the first session of 2007. Companies are active in trade, but most of them dare not sign big or long-term contracts. It's hard to judge the export situation for the second half of this year. We should be cautious." he said.

The second session of this year's fair will open on Friday and last for five days.

The first session of the 107th China's Import and Export Fair has ended. The spokesman for the event says he is cautiously optimistic about the country's exports.
The first session of the 107th China's Import and Export Fair has ended. The spokes-
man for the event says he is cautiously optimistic about the country's exports.