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President Hu raises four-point proposal to realize global peace & development

2009-09-24 14:55 BJT

Special Report: Hu attends UN, G20 Summits |

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Chinese President Hu Jintao has put forward a four-point proposal for building a harmonious world. He is calling on the international community to work together for global peace and development.

President Hu Jintao made the remarks at Wednesday's general debate of the 64th session of the UN General Assembly. He said the world trend toward peace, development, and cooperation has grown stronger than ever. Meanwhile, he notes that instability and uncertainties remain, and pose great challenges.

President Hu said, "In the face of unprecedented opportunities and challenges, members of the international community should continue the joint endeavor to build a harmonious world of enduring peace and common prosperity, and to contribute to the noble cause of peace and development for all mankind."

With these goals in mind, President Hu Jintao put forward his four-point view.

First, the international community should view security in a broader perspective to safeguard world peace and stability.

Second, countries should take a more holistic approach to development, and promote common prosperity.

Third, members of the international community should pursue cooperation with a more open mind, and work for mutual benefit and common progress.

Finally, countries should be more tolerant toward one another in order to live together in harmony.