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CCTV reporter: Situation of the Chinese community in Haiti

2010-01-13 16:06 BJT

Special Report: Strong Quake Hits Haiti |

China and Haiti do not currently conduct official diplomatic relations. But, the two countries have increased trade ties in recent years, and the Caribbean nation's Chinese community has grown as well. Earlier, our correspondent at the CCTV Bureau for the Americas in Washington, Yang Fuqing, spoke to us about the situation of the Chinese community in Haiti, after the devastating earthquake on the island.

CCTV correspondent Yang Fuqing said, "As far as the information that I have, the Chinese community is fairly small in Haiti I have tried to call the office, but the line was not working."

Chinese Foreign Ministry has already started its emergency mechanism to get information about Chinese citizens and institutions in Haiti. CCTV will keep you update with the developments of the situation as information comes.

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