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FM: China has indisputable sovereign rights over Diaoyu Islands

2010-03-19 08:21 BJT

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang says China has indisputable sovereign rights over the Diaoyu Islands and adjacent islets.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang says China has indisputable sovereign rights over the Diaoyu Islands and adjacent islets. 
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang says China has indisputable
sovereign rights over the Diaoyu Islands and adjacent islets.

Qin made the remarks on a regular press conference in Beijing. He also made comments on issues including a British human rights report, China's exchange rate policy, the Rio Tinto case, and the Iranian nuclear issue. Andrew Dupuis has more.

Qin Gang says the Diaoyu Islands and adjacent islets have been an inalienable part of China's territory since ancient times. Qin made the remarks in response to a question about Japan's latest claim over the islands.

He also refuted Britain's latest annual report on human rights, calling the report "an ideological political show." Qin says China's human rights cause is progressing continuously and that is obvious to any person without prejudice. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband launched the 2009 Annual Report on Human Rights Wednesday in the wake of his visit to China this week. The report named China as one of 22 countries of concern.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also defended China's exchange rate policy. Qin says it's unfair and harmful to continuously depreciate a country's own currency and ask other countries to revalue their currencies in the meantime. Qin said such a move was not only harmful to Sino-U.S. trade and economic relations, but also to global trade. He said both sides need to adopt a "calm and rational" attitude in settling trade friction and work together for a mutually beneficial solution.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang said, "China has made active efforts. We hope the United States can work with China, and take concrete steps to promote a balanced development of bilateral trade relations, especially in the relaxation of US exports of high-tech products."

Regarding the Rio Tinto, he says China does not want the case to be politicalized and affect China-Australia relations. In response to a question about the pending trial of a Rio Tinto executive in China, Qin said the Rio Tinto court case was strictly commercial. Qin urged all parties to respect the authority of the court. Qin said Chinese authorities would handle the case in line with legal procedures and consular agreements with Australia.

And, Qin Gang reiterated the call for diplomatic efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue, urging all parties to move toward a negotiated solution to the issue. Qin says a peaceful solution through diplomatic means is the best way and complies with the interests of all parties. He also says China is in close contact with the relevant parties and strives to promote peaceful negotiations.

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