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Google: Pornography & copyright violation

2010-03-23 17:49 BJT

Since entering the Chinese market in 2005, Google has received notice from China's Internet watchdog more than once over pornography issues. The search engine firm's on-line library has also been accused of copyright violation.

In 2009, Google dot CN was accused of either providing links to pornographic websites, or containing porn pictures and failing to take them down.
In 2009, was accused of either providing links to 
pornographic websites, or containing porn pictures and failing to take
them down.

In 2009, was accused of either providing links to pornographic websites, or containing porn pictures and failing to take them down. China's Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center notified the company regarding the issue in January and April.

Investigations showed Google provided a large number of links to porn websites in its search results.

Such content are contrary to both China's social morals and laws.