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China calls for dialogue with US to reach win-win resolution

2010-03-26 08:08 BJT

At a press conference on Thursday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang answered questions about US pressure on the appreciation of the RMB. He said China and the United States need to pay attention to the existing problems, and also find the best way to resolve them.

At a press conference on Thursday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang answered questions about US pressure on the appreciation of the RMB.
At a press conference on Thursday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang answered
questions about US pressure on the appreciation of the RMB.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said, "We think our opinion is to resolve the problem through dialogue and consultation on the basis of equality, so as to find a mutual benefit and win-win resolution. We would like to strengthen communication and exchange with the US for this purpose. Cooperation brings benefits, confrontation brings loss to both sides. So cooperation is better than confrontation, and having a partner is better than having a rival. This is a truth that is proved by the development of China-US relations."

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