China: Peaceful solution to nuclear issue

Nuclear energy has always been a controversial topic. On the one hand it´s a new energy resource while on the other it has the power to destroy the whole world.

China, Brazil sign deals at BRIC summit

China and Brazil have signed a series of trade and investment agreements at the BRIC summit, before it came to an early end, in a bid to boost trade and energy cooperation.

China´s central bank to curb property prices

China´s central bank says it will strictly implement the State Council´s policies to rein in rapidly climbing property prices.

KFC apologizes for coupon confusion

Fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken has apologized to consumers after a coupon promotion went awry. The company launched a promotion in which coupons downloaded from the Internet could be exchanged for food at KFC outlets.

Visit to China′s five low-carbon scenic zones

The limelight is on low-carbon living, which has been fashionable for quite a while, and low-carbon travel is now gaining increasing popularity among travel lovers.

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