World Expo Park begins test run

Only 10 days are left before the official opening of the Shanghai World Expo. And trial operations have just begun at the Expo Park. Organizers say once the Expo is officially underway, they expect to receive up to 400,000 visitors a day at the Park.

Housing policies make impacts

House prices in some Chinese cities are gradually cooling, following the government´s series of measures to tackle problems in real estate market.

Premier calls to develop renewable energy

Premier Wen Jiabao is calling for more efforts to develop renewable energy to cope with rising domestic fuel demand and severe energy shortages.

China commemorates Earth Day

Thursday marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a day designed to inspire awareness for the Earth´s environment. People across China engaged in various activities to help promote ecological conservation.

Hong Kong volunteer worker "A Fu"

He was a truck driver; he travelled around China on foot to donate his bone marrow to the Chinese Marrow Donor Program (CMDP); he suffered from diabetes mellitus but struggled in Whenchuan disaster area for three months. His name is Wong Fu-wing, a volunteer from Hong Kong. People all called him "A Fu."

Music fountain in trial operation in Expo Park

Gorgeous music fountain is performed during trial operation on the Huangpu River between the two parts of the Expo Park in Shanghai

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