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Stepping up National Day security

2009-09-22 09:06 BJT

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And Beijing security and fire departments launched the first level of the patrol and prevention response, to ensure safety of the up coming National Day Holiday. Let's look at what officials are doing to ensure a smooth celebration.

Police and volunteers have been mobilized to help patrol designated areas. Analysts estimate that around a million people have joined, surpassing the volunteer force created for the Beijing Olympic Games. All security volunteers entering certain areas have to pass ID and security checks.

Beijing officials have ordered all rooftops and balconies around Tian'anmen Square and nearby areas, to be cleared of flammable materials.

The Beijing fire department has developed a digital fire control system. Since the fire department is unable to hold large scale drills in key areas, the system will give them information on roads, building structures, and the locations of fire departments,

To ensure accurate information, the fire department carried out extensive field work and set up a GPS system, to coordinate fire fighting procedures.

Qiu Hua, official of Beijing Fire Control Department, said, "The grand scene was drawn by satellite. We downloaded an electrical engineering map of the buildings. We also went to the scene and took pictures of the building's structure and interior. "

The system has information on roads, Tian'anmen Square and its surrounding area, and other important buildings along Chang'an Avenue. These areas will host the National Day parade and evening gala. The system also has information on fire station locations and patrolling vehicles.

It is also designed to simulate real situations, providing training in fire fighting and rescue operations. The system simulated a fire on Chang'an Avenue, with fire fighters rushing to the scene to combat the blaze.

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