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Soldiers ready for national day parade

2009-09-24 08:59 BJT

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Parade soldiers of the People's Liberation Army are well prepared for the national day celebrations on October 1st. High-ranking military officials made the remarks at Wednesday's press conference.

The military parade will definitely be the highlight of the big celebration on October 1st. Soldiers involved in the parade are undergoing hard training, hoping to present a zero-error performance.

Gao Jianguo, vice director of Parade Joint Command Office, said, "We have put in place different kinds of services, and more diversified equipment for the National Day parade to showcase that various services are integrated and well coordinated with one another. In this parade, we are going to present 52 types of equipment, all of which are made in China and 90% of which will make their first appearance."

Gao says the majority of the those parading are young people born after 1980 and 1990. The soldiers are from the Army, Navy, Air force, Artillery, Armed Police, Militia and Reserved Forces. They have been selected from various divisions across the country.

Gao Jianguo said, "The military parade will demonstrate the achievements of our national defense and armed forces as well as the determination of our armed forces to safeguard China's security and world peace."