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China to embrace travel rush during upcoming National Day holiday

2009-09-25 11:54 BJT

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China is expecting a travel peak during the upcoming National Day celebrations. This year's holiday season is one day longer than previous periods, making it the lengthiest in history. The Transport Ministry said on Thursday that it will increase travel capacity to ensure a smooth journey for passengers.

50,000 additional buses will join China's road transportation fleet during this year's National Day and Golden Week festivities. Most will be deployed around popular cities and tourist sites.

The Transport Ministry says it will also increase the number of trips, and prolong run time according to actual demand.

He Jianzhong, spokesman of Ministry of Transport, said, "The transport capacity we have prepared was predicted in accordance with the needs of all passengers by both roadways and waterways."

The spokesman also discussed security measures that have been adopted to ensure the safety of all passengers.

Checks on dangerous articles will be tightened, and inspections on the conditions and licenses of vehicles will be stricter.

In addition to regular safety checks, measures are also being taken against the threat of A/H1-N1 influenza.

He said, "To prevent and control the A/H1N1 epidemic, we are requiring all border ports on the roads, and international ships, to cooperate with the health and quarantine departments. We have also set up a communication system to report cases immediately."

Meanwhile, local transportation departments across the country have prepared emergency response plans. An inter-provincial coordinating system for adding last-minute transport capacity has been set up as well.