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PLA troops ready for National Day parade

2009-09-27 09:19 BJT

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The PLA troops to be reviewed in the national day parade have concluded their last round of joint exercises prior to the big moment. Everyone involved is eager to present the best performance to the whole nation.

The troops taking part in the parade are dispatched from China's major military area commands and cover all components and services of the PLA armed forces. They've been training hard for months to present the biggest ever national day military parade in China. And the big event on October 1st stands out not just for its scale.

Wang Xixin, Square Formation Commander, said, "We are going to display more than 40 types of armaments. More than 90% of them will face the public for the first time. There are main combative armaments as well as telecommunication facilities, radar and reconnaissance planes. All the armaments are independently developed and manufactured by China, which demonstrates the PLA's comprehensive combative capabilities."

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