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Beijing boosts security for National Day anniversary

2009-09-27 09:19 BJT

Special Report: 60th Anniversary of PRC |

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With the National Holidays just days away, security has been stepped up in and around Beijing. Anti-terrorist drills and vehicle check points have been set up around the capital.

All the heightened measures aim to make Beijing a safer place. Anti-terrorist drills have been held in neighboring Tianjin. In the drills, armed police rescued several hostages abducted by terrorists. High technology and advanced weapons and equipment were used during the one-hour drill. The exercise tested the armed police's ability to handle emergencies.

Vehicles entering Beijing are required to pass security checkpoints. More than 70 thousand vehicles enter the capital every day. All vehicles and passengers have to undergo security checks.

Zhang Yue, Director of Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau, said, "We've set up 17 checkpoints on major roads leading to Beijing, checking people's IDs and examining vehicles for explosives."

Although drivers have to undergo more checks, they say they are not feeling inconvenienced.

A driver in Beijing said, "It doesn't take long. Three minutes are enough to undergo all the checks. "

Buses carrying more than twenty passengers will only have to wait several minutes to pass through the checkpoints.