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Scholars & media give positive reactions to trilateral leaders' meeting

2009-10-11 11:32 BJT

Special Report: 2nd China-Japan-ROK Summit |

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The trilateral talks have been closely watched by international media and political experts. CCTV reporter takes a closer look at how different news organizations have viewed the three-way talks.

A Japanese scholar from Waseda University is optimistic about the outcome of the meeting.

Satoshi Amako, Former president of Graduate School of Asian Studies, said, "Through regular trilateral meetings, the three nations can deepen their understandings of each other. They can also discuss details of cooperation and make full use of their influence. This meeting comes at an opportune time to reach these goals."

South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper cites a senior official as saying the GDP value of China, Japan and South Korea accounts for one sixth of the world total. They are all members of the G20 group and have significant influence on global issues.

Chosun Ilbo interviewed an expert on the stalled six party talks. The expert said the absence of a multilateral security institution has exposed the three nations to nuclear uncertainties in the region.

The Wall Street Journal focused more on Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's economic proposal. It reported Hatoyama has repeatedly discussed his desire to create what he calls an East Asian Community since taking office last month. The Japanese Prime Minister's vision for a regional alliance is inspired by the European Union.

The proposal is a key part of Mr. Hatoyama's effort to re-calibrate foreign policy. His new ruling Democratic Party of Japan sees the alliance as a way to deepen ties with growing neighbors as well as preserve its clout amid a weakening economy.

The BBC noted there was a sense of optimism after the meeting. Its correspondents described the talk as a show of unity.

There was a sense of optimism following Saturday's meeting. It was a rare chance for the three regional powers to show unity.

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