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EM radiation sparks health concerns

2009-11-24 08:09 BJT

Electromagnetic radiation has become a new environmental pollution focus. The amount of EMR has increased greatly in recent years due to advances in information technology. As a result, there are growing concerns about its effects on human health.

Environmental protection departments say complaints about EMR pollution have soared, especially in developed regions and cities.

EMR sources include transformer stations, base stations for wireless communication, and personal electronic appliances.

Convenience in daily live comes with potential hazards.

Research has indicated that intensive exposure to EMR could affect the brain, or even trigger fatal diseases.

Zhao Yufeng,China Interior Decoration Assoc., said, "If the amount of radiation reaches a certain level, it will have some negative effects on sensitive people."

Professional EMR monitors have measured the amount of radiation from two of the largest transformer stations in Beijing and Shanghai. The results at both are within the safety limit.

They've also checked some base stations for mobile phones in residential areas.

Zhu Chongde, staff member of Shanghai Raadiation Supervision Station, said, "The level of radiation at this spot should be relatively high, because the antenna of the station is pointing here directly. The reading is far lower than the standard set by environmental protection departments."

As for mobile phones themselves, the amount of EMR emitted by some is 20 percent above the national standard.

Some experts think that even if the amount is within the standard, frequent cell phone use could still be harmful.

But an official from the World Health Organization has downplayed concerns.

The WHO stresses that it doesn't consider research on EMR unnecessary. The organization is conducting large- scale research projects in several countries, with the goal of creating a standard.

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