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Longest power project completed in China

2009-12-11 08:56 BJT

A project sending power from western China to the eastern city of Shanghai has been completed. The project is expected to provide power including renewable energy to a third of Shanghai residents.

The project is expected to provide power including renewable energy to a third of Shanghai residents.
The project is expected to provide power including renewable energy to a 
third of Shanghai residents.

Stretching nearly 2,000 kilometers, the power-transmitting project covers the longest distance in the world. The project starts in Sichuan province, where rich water resources there will be used to generate electricity.

The power will then be transmitted eastwards to cities with large demands. It is expected to send more than 32-billion kilowatts of power each year. The project is seen as a win-win project, as it can bring economic benefit to western regions and reduce coal pollution in eastern cities. It will also guarantee the power supply for the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

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