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Satellite for young space researchers

2009-12-16 08:09 BJT

The "HOPE One" mini-satellite was launched Tuesday. It is the first of its kind in China. It's especially designed to carry out special missions for the country's young people to experience aerospace science and technology.

The "HOPE One" weighs only 60 kilograms and is less than a meter in length. But it's big enough to carry out missions 12 hundred kilometers above the earth.

A leading task for the mini-satellite will carry out an experiment with granules of five different colors in space.

Zhang Xiaomin, Hope One Chief Commander, said, "We pressed the granules together during the launching process and released them with the satellite into space. We will observe the movement of the granules in the micro-gravity conditions of space."

The "HOPE One" weighs only 60 kilograms and is less than a meter in length. But it's big enough to carry out missions 12 hundred kilometers above the earth.
The "HOPE One" weighs only 60 kilograms and is less than a meter in length. 
But it's big enough to carry out missions 12 hundred kilometers above the