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Small theatre drama, fast food culture?

2009-12-23 08:14 BJT

Small theatre drama has flourished in Beijing in recent years, attracting wider, younger audiences. But it's also drawn's type of theatre is being categorized as "fast food culture". Yuan Xiao-yuan has more on the up and coming small theatre drama.

Comedies are usually a safe bet to ensure a good box-office score.
Comedies are usually a safe bet to ensure a good box-office score.

Comedies are usually a safe bet to ensure a good box-office score.

People in Beijing who are searching for a more vivid and live performance, have entered into the city's theaters.

The dramas in this theatre in Chaoyang district, knows what it takes to satisfy the audience. All their shows are comedies, and tickets have been selling fast.

Theater patron said, "We are very busy with pressure from work. We come to see dramas to alleviate that pressure. And we like comedies the most."