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Drunk driver jailed for life

2009-12-24 09:01 BJT

A man has received a life sentence for killing five people while drunk behind the wheel of his car. The sentence was handed down by a court in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, on Wednesday.

43-year-old Zhang Mingbao was convicted of endangering public safety, after he crashed his car into nine pedestrians on the evening of June 30th. Five people died and four others were injured. Zhang was confirmed to have been driving with a blood alcohol level nearly five times the legal limit. Families of the victims expressed outrage at the sentence, and could be heard in the courtroom screaming for a death sentence. The court said that the sentence took into consideration Zhang's "positive attitude in admitting his crime."

Zhang Mingbao, convict, said, "I would be more outraged if I were one of the victims' family. I totally understand their feelings. I won't say a single word if they beat me, curse me, or even kill me now. That's a human feeling that we all have."

43-year-old Zhang Mingbao was convicted of endangering public safety, after he crashed his car into nine pedestrians on the evening of June 30th.
43-year-old Zhang Mingbao was convicted of endangering public safety, 
after he crashed his car into nine pedestrians on the evening of 
June 30th.

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