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Health Ministry to cancel Hepatitis B tests for employment & school enrollment

2009-12-30 08:39 BJT

The Health Ministry says it will cancel Hepatitis B tests for employment and school enrollment in the near future. The move aims to resolve long-standing problems of discrimination and unfair treatment against Hepatitis-B carriers in accessing employment and education.

The Ministry will also forbid all employers and schools of requiring a negative test result for enrollment. For certain jobs that handle blood, the Ministry must first approve applications from employers who wish to test workers for viruses. Health experts say that Hepatitis-B can only be transmitted through blood and bodily fluids. They stressed that normal, daily contact will not cause infections.

Hao Qunan, Spokesman of Health Ministry, said, "After the policy is adjusted, all related departments should carry out physical checks for employment and school enrollment according to the adjusted items. Those who violate the rules will be strictly punished. Tests on the Hepatitis-B virus for medical purposes should fully respect the privacy and rights of the people being tested."

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