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Tourism market booms over New Year

2010-01-01 10:48 BJT

Although the New Year break lasts only three days in China, it is still a chance to get some traveling in the holiday. Among overseas destinations, countries in Southeast Asia are the most popular. And inside the country, there are also plenty of choices.

The upcoming New Year's holiday is a chance to check out other regions or countries that are not too far away. Popular destinations include Southeast Asian countries, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.

Zhang Wei, Executive of Outbound Tour Dept. CITS,said, "I think tourists are getting much more adventurous. We thought only people interested in history would want to travel to places like Egypt, Turkey, Africa and the Middle East. But sales to these destinations are very strong this year."

Prices for package deals to Southeast Asian countries have surged 10 percent over this holiday period. The National Tourism Administration says it expects demand for outbound travel will continue until the Spring Festival.

It is not just good business for travel abroad. Travelers have got plenty of choice inside the country, as well, whether they seek wintry or tropical delights.

Swimming in hot springs and ski tours have attracted many tourists.

Zhang Linjie, manager of Domestic Tour Dept. CITS, said, "Beijing residents can choose hot springs in Yunnan, or skiing in Harbin, not just short trips to the suburbs. The number of travellers has surged 30 percent from last year."

In many holiday resorts, swarms of travelers have pushed up hotel prices by up to 30 percent.

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